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Guinness PRO12 Fixtures & Results
Round 1
Fri 31 Aug19:35CA,CBCardiff Blues32 - 33Leinster RugbyCardiff Arms Park9,284More
Fri 31 Aug19:35CA,CBOspreys17 - 13Edinburgh RugbyLiberty Stadium6,609More
Fri 31 Aug20:35CA,CBZebre Rugby Club32 - 16Isuzu Southern KingsStadio Sergio Lanfranchi3,000More
Sat 1 Sep15:00CAConnacht Rugby26 - 27Glasgow WarriorsSportsground5,329More
Sat 1 Sep17:15CAMunster Rugby38 - 0Toyota CheetahsThomond Park12,265More
Sat 1 Sep17:15CBUlster Rugby15 - 13ScarletsKingspan Stadium11,882More
Sat 1 Sep19:35CBDragons17 - 21Benetton RugbyRodney Parade4,613More
Round 2
Fri 7 Sep19:35CAGlasgow Warriors25 - 10Munster RugbyScotstoun Stadium7,351More
Fri 7 Sep19:35CBUlster Rugby30 - 29Edinburgh RugbyKingspan Stadium11,994More
Sat 8 Sep15:00CBDragons27 - 22Isuzu Southern KingsRodney Parade4,012More
Sat 8 Sep17:15CAConnacht Rugby32 - 13Zebre Rugby ClubSportsground4,056More
Sat 8 Sep17:30CAOspreys46 - 14Toyota CheetahsLiberty Stadium6,155More
Sat 8 Sep19:35CBScarlets23 - 21Leinster RugbyParc y Scarlets7,258More
Sat 8 Sep20:35CA,CBBenetton Rugby27 - 25Cardiff BluesStadio Monigo2,400More
Round 3
Fri 14 Sep19:35CA,CBEdinburgh Rugby17 - 10Connacht RugbyBT Murrayfield5,239More
Fri 14 Sep19:35CAMunster Rugby49 - 13OspreysIrish Independent Park8,008More
Sat 15 Sep17:15CBLeinster Rugby52 - 10DragonsRDS Arena13,976More
Sat 15 Sep17:15CBScarlets38 - 29Benetton RugbyParc y Scarlets7,180More
Sat 15 Sep19:30CAToyota Cheetahs24 - 52Glasgow WarriorsToyota Stadium4,700More
Sat 15 Sep20:35CAZebre Rugby Club26 - 24Cardiff BluesStadio Sergio Lanfranchi2,500More
Sun 16 Sep14:15CBIsuzu Southern Kings7 - 28Ulster RugbyNelson Mandela Bay5,096More
Round 4
Fri 21 Sep19:15CA,CBToyota Cheetahs39 - 39Ulster RugbyToyota Stadium5,063More
Fri 21 Sep19:35CACardiff Blues37 - 13Munster RugbyCardiff Arms Park7,284More
Sat 22 Sep15:00CA,CBIsuzu Southern Kings38 - 28Glasgow WarriorsNelson Mandela Metro Uni3,160More
Sat 22 Sep17:15CA,CBConnacht Rugby33 - 20ScarletsSportsground5,839More
Sat 22 Sep17:15CA,CBDragons16 - 5Zebre Rugby ClubRodney Parade4,104More
Sat 22 Sep19:35CA,CBOspreys27 - 10Benetton RugbyLiberty Stadium6,405More
Sat 22 Sep19:35CBLeinster Rugby31 - 7Edinburgh RugbyRDS Arena13,476More
Round 5
Fri 28 Sep19:35CACardiff Blues24 - 21Toyota CheetahsCardiff Arms Park6,187More
Fri 28 Sep19:35CBEdinburgh Rugby31 - 30Benetton RugbyBT Murrayfield4,392More
Sat 29 Sep16:00CAZebre Rugby Club8 - 22OspreysStadio Sergio Lanfranchi3,000More
Sat 29 Sep17:15CA,CBConnacht Rugby3 - 20Leinster RugbySportsground8,129More
Sat 29 Sep18:30CBScarlets54 - 14Isuzu Southern KingsParc y Scarlets7,529More
Sat 29 Sep19:35CA,CBGlasgow Warriors29 - 13DragonsScotstoun Stadium7,135More
Sat 29 Sep19:35CA,CBMunster Rugby64 - 7Ulster RugbyThomond Park13,907More
Round 6
Fri 5 Oct19:35CA,CBEdinburgh Rugby37 - 21Toyota CheetahsBT Murrayfield4,555More
Fri 5 Oct19:35CAGlasgow Warriors36 - 8Zebre Rugby ClubScotstoun Stadium7,174More
Fri 5 Oct19:35CA,CBUlster Rugby15 - 22Connacht RugbyKingspan Stadium13,109More
Sat 6 Oct15:00CA,CBScarlets20 - 17OspreysParc y Scarlets12,012More
Sat 6 Oct17:15CA,CBDragons15 - 23Cardiff BluesRodney Parade7,376More
Sat 6 Oct18:00CA,CBLeinster Rugby30 - 22Munster RugbyAviva Stadium50,120More
Sat 6 Oct20:00CBBenetton Rugby28 - 5Isuzu Southern KingsStadio Monigo2,200More
Round 7
Fri 26 Oct19:00CBIsuzu Southern Kings34 - 41ScarletsNMU (Madibaz) Stadium2,473More
Fri 26 Oct19:55CBUlster Rugby36 - 18DragonsKingspan Stadium12,559More
Fri 26 Oct20:00CA,CBZebre Rugby Club34 - 16Edinburgh RugbyStadio Sergio Lanfranchi2,500More
Fri 26 Oct20:05CAOspreys22 - 17Connacht RugbyMorganstone Brewery Field5,122More
Sat 27 Oct16:00CBBenetton Rugby3 - 31Leinster RugbyStadio Monigo2,485More
Sat 27 Oct17:15CAMunster Rugby25 - 24Glasgow WarriorsThomond Park13,356More
Sat 27 Oct19:15CAToyota Cheetahs21 - 10Cardiff BluesToyota Stadium4,428More
Round 8
Fri 2 Nov19:35CAOspreys20 - 29Glasgow WarriorsLiberty Stadium6,399More
Fri 2 Nov19:35CBEdinburgh Rugby31 - 21ScarletsBT Murrayfield5,037More
Sat 3 Nov16:00CBBenetton Rugby10 - 15Ulster RugbyStadio Monigo2,497More
Sat 3 Nov17:15CA,CBConnacht Rugby33 - 12DragonsSportsground5,146More
Sun 4 Nov14:45CACardiff Blues37 - 0Zebre Rugby ClubCardiff Arms Park6,426More
Sun 4 Nov14:45CBIsuzu Southern Kings31 - 38Leinster RugbyNMU (Madibaz) Stadium1,142More
Sun 4 Nov16:45CAToyota Cheetahs26 - 30Munster RugbyToyota Stadium3,368More
Round 9
Fri 23 Nov19:35CAGlasgow Warriors  v  Cardiff BluesScotstoun StadiumPrem/EirMore
Fri 23 Nov19:35CA,CBLeinster Rugby  v  OspreysRDS ArenaEir/Free/TG4More
Fri 23 Nov19:35CBScarlets  v  Ulster RugbyParc y ScarletsPrem/EirMore
Sat 24 Nov14:30CA,CBToyota Cheetahs  v  Benetton RugbyToyota StadiumSS/Pr/Eir/ItMore
Sun 25 Nov15:00CA,CBIsuzu Southern Kings  v  Connacht RugbyNelson Mandela BaySS/Prem/EirMore
Sun 25 Nov16:30CAZebre Rugby Club  v  Munster RugbyStadio Sergio LanfranchiIt/Prem/EirMore
Sun 25 Nov17:30CBDragons  v  Edinburgh RugbyRodney ParadeS4C/PremMore
Round 10
Fri 30 Nov19:35CA,CBMunster Rugby  v  Edinburgh RugbyIrish Independent ParkEir/PremMore
Fri 30 Nov19:35CAOspreys  v  Zebre Rugby ClubLiberty StadiumPrem/Eir/ItMore
Sat 1 Dec15:00CA,CBUlster Rugby  v  Cardiff BluesKingspan StadiumPrem/EirMore
Sat 1 Dec17:00CAToyota Cheetahs  v  Connacht RugbyToyota StadiumSS/Free/EirMore
Sat 1 Dec17:15CA,CBGlasgow Warriors  v  ScarletsScotstoun StadiumPrem/S4C/EirMore
Sat 1 Dec17:15CBDragons  v  Leinster RugbyRodney ParadePrem/Eir/TG4More
Sat 1 Dec19:15CBIsuzu Southern Kings  v  Benetton RugbyNelson Mandela BaySS/Free/ItMore
Round 11
Fri 21 Dec19:35CA,CBCardiff Blues  v  DragonsCardiff Arms ParkS4C/Prem/EirMore
Fri 21 Dec19:35CA,CBUlster Rugby  v  Munster RugbyKingspan StadiumPrem/EirMore
Sat 22 Dec15:00CA,CBOspreys  v  ScarletsLiberty StadiumPremMore
Sat 22 Dec17:15CA,CBEdinburgh Rugby  v  Glasgow WarriorsBT MurrayfieldPrem/EirMore
Sat 22 Dec19:45CA,CBLeinster Rugby  v  Connacht RugbyRDS ArenaEir/PremMore
Sun 23 Dec15:00CA,CBZebre Rugby Club  v  Benetton RugbyStadio Sergio LanfranchiIt/FreeMore
Round 12
Fri 28 Dec19:35CA,CBConnacht Rugby  v  Ulster RugbySportsgroundTG4/Eir/PremMore
Sat 29 Dec15:00CA,CBBenetton Rugby  v  Zebre Rugby ClubStadio MonigoIt/FreeMore
Sat 29 Dec15:00CA,CBGlasgow Warriors  v  Edinburgh RugbyScotstoun StadiumPrem/EirMore
Sat 29 Dec17:15CA,CBMunster Rugby  v  Leinster RugbyThomond ParkEir/PremMore
Sat 29 Dec17:15CA,CBScarlets  v  Cardiff BluesParc y ScarletsPrem/EirMore
Sun 30 Dec15:00CA,CBDragons  v  OspreysRodney ParadeS4C/Prem/EirMore
Round 13
4/5/6 Jan
CAOspreys  v  Cardiff BluesLiberty StadiumPrem/EirMore
Sat 5 Jan15:00CA,CBBenetton Rugby  v  Glasgow WarriorsStadio MonigoIt/PremMore
Sat 5 Jan17:15CBLeinster Rugby  v  Ulster RugbyRDS ArenaEir/PremMore
Sat 5 Jan17:15CBScarlets  v  DragonsParc y ScarletsPrem/EirMore
Sat 5 Jan19:35CAConnacht Rugby  v  Munster RugbySportsgroundTG4/Eir/PremMore
Sat 5 Jan19:35CBEdinburgh Rugby  v  Isuzu Southern KingsBT MurrayfieldPrem/SSMore
Sun 6 Jan14:00CAZebre Rugby Club  v  Toyota CheetahsStadio Sergio LanfranchiIt/SS/Fr/PrMore
Round 11
Sat 19 Jan
CA,CBIsuzu Southern Kings  v  Toyota CheetahsNelson Mandela BaySS/Prem/EirMore
Round 14
Fri 25 Jan19:35CAGlasgow Warriors  v  OspreysScotstoun StadiumPrem/EirMore
Fri 25 Jan19:35CBLeinster Rugby  v  ScarletsRDS ArenaEir/Prem/TG4More
Fri 25 Jan19:35CBUlster Rugby  v  Benetton RugbyKingspan StadiumFree/Eir/ItMore
Sat 26 Jan15:00CA,CBDragons  v  Munster RugbyRodney ParadePrem/Eir/TG4More
Sat 26 Jan15:00CAToyota Cheetahs  v  Zebre Rugby ClubToyota StadiumSS/Prem/ItMore
Sat 26 Jan17:15CACardiff Blues  v  Connacht RugbyCardiff Arms ParkS4C/Prem/TG4More
Sat 26 Jan17:15CBIsuzu Southern Kings  v  Edinburgh RugbyNelson Mandela BaySS/PremMore
Round 12
Sat 2 Feb16:00CA,CBToyota Cheetahs  v  Isuzu Southern KingsToyota StadiumSS/Prem/EirMore
Round 15
15/16/17 Feb
CA,CBOspreys  v  Ulster RugbyLiberty StadiumPrem/EirMore
Fri 15 Feb19:35CA,CBMunster Rugby  v  Isuzu Southern KingsIrish Independent ParkEir/Prem/SSMore
Fri 15 Feb19:35CBEdinburgh Rugby  v  DragonsBT MurrayfieldPremMore
Sat 16 Feb16:00CA,CBZebre Rugby Club  v  Leinster RugbyStadio Sergio LanfranchiIt/Free/EirMore
Sat 16 Feb17:30CAConnacht Rugby  v  Toyota CheetahsSportsgroundTG4/Ei/SS/PrMore
Sat 16 Feb18:15CBBenetton Rugby  v  ScarletsStadio MonigoIt/S4C/PremMore
Sat 16 Feb19:35CACardiff Blues  v  Glasgow WarriorsCardiff Arms ParkPremMore
Round 16
Fri 22 Feb19:35CAGlasgow Warriors  v  Connacht RugbyScotstoun StadiumFreeMore
Fri 22 Feb19:35CAOspreys  v  Munster RugbyLiberty StadiumPrem/Eir/TG4More
Fri 22 Feb19:55CBLeinster Rugby  v  Isuzu Southern KingsRDS ArenaEir/SS/PremMore
Sat 23 Feb14:00CBBenetton Rugby  v  DragonsStadio MonigoIt/S4C/Pr/EiMore
Sat 23 Feb19:35CA,CBEdinburgh Rugby  v  Cardiff BluesBT MurrayfieldPremMore
Sat 23 Feb19:35CA,CBUlster Rugby  v  Zebre Rugby ClubKingspan StadiumPrem/ItMore
Sun 24 Feb
CA,CBScarlets  v  Toyota CheetahsParc y ScarletsPrem/SS/EirMore
Round 17
Fri 1 Mar19:35CA,CBLeinster Rugby  v  Toyota CheetahsRDS ArenaEir/Prem/SSMore
Sat 2 Mar14:45CAConnacht Rugby  v  OspreysSportsgroundTG4/PremMore
Sat 2 Mar16:00CBBenetton Rugby  v  Edinburgh RugbyStadio MonigoIt/Prem/FreeMore
Sat 2 Mar17:00CA,CBScarlets  v  Munster RugbyParc y ScarletsS4C/Ei/Pr/TGMore
Sat 2 Mar18:15CAZebre Rugby Club  v  Glasgow WarriorsStadio Sergio LanfranchiIt/PremMore
Sat 2 Mar19:35CA,CBCardiff Blues  v  Isuzu Southern KingsCardiff Arms ParkPrem/SSMore
Sun 3 Mar15:00CBDragons  v  Ulster RugbyRodney ParadePrem/EirMore
Round 18
22/23/24 Mar
CA,CBCardiff Blues  v  ScarletsCardiff Arms Park
22/23/24 Mar
CA,CBConnacht Rugby  v  Benetton RugbySportsground
22/23/24 Mar
CAGlasgow Warriors  v  Toyota CheetahsScotstoun Stadium
22/23/24 Mar
CAMunster Rugby  v  Zebre Rugby ClubThomond Park
22/23/24 Mar
CA,CBOspreys  v  DragonsLiberty Stadium
22/23/24 Mar
CBEdinburgh Rugby  v  Leinster RugbyBT Murrayfield
22/23/24 Mar
CBUlster Rugby  v  Isuzu Southern KingsKingspan Stadium
Round 19
5/6/7 Apr
CA,CBGlasgow Warriors  v  Ulster RugbyScotstoun Stadium
5/6/7 Apr
CAMunster Rugby  v  Cardiff BluesIrish Independent Park
5/6/7 Apr
CAToyota Cheetahs  v  OspreysToyota Stadium
5/6/7 Apr
CAZebre Rugby Club  v  Connacht RugbyStadio Sergio Lanfranchi
5/6/7 Apr
CBIsuzu Southern Kings  v  DragonsNelson Mandela Bay
5/6/7 Apr
CBLeinster Rugby  v  Benetton RugbyRDS Arena
5/6/7 Apr
CBScarlets  v  Edinburgh RugbyParc y Scarlets
Round 20
12/13/14 Apr
CA,CBBenetton Rugby  v  Munster RugbyStadio Monigo
12/13/14 Apr
CAConnacht Rugby  v  Cardiff BluesSportsground
12/13/14 Apr
CA,CBIsuzu Southern Kings  v  OspreysNelson Mandela Bay
12/13/14 Apr
CA,CBLeinster Rugby  v  Glasgow WarriorsRDS Arena
12/13/14 Apr
CA,CBScarlets  v  Zebre Rugby ClubParc y Scarlets
12/13/14 Apr
CA,CBToyota Cheetahs  v  DragonsToyota Stadium
12/13/14 Apr
CBEdinburgh Rugby  v  Ulster RugbyBT Murrayfield
Round 21
26/27/28 Apr
CACardiff Blues  v  OspreysCardiff Arms Park
26/27/28 Apr
CA,CBEdinburgh Rugby  v  Glasgow WarriorsBT Murrayfield
26/27/28 Apr
CAMunster Rugby  v  Connacht RugbyThomond Park
26/27/28 Apr
CA,CBToyota Cheetahs  v  Isuzu Southern KingsToyota Stadium
26/27/28 Apr
CA,CBZebre Rugby Club  v  Benetton RugbyStadio Sergio Lanfranchi
26/27/28 Apr
CBDragons  v  ScarletsTBA
26/27/28 Apr
CBUlster Rugby  v  Leinster RugbyKingspan Stadium
3/4/5 May
3/4/5 May
17/18/19 May
17/18/19 May
Sat 25 May
FTBC  v  TBCCeltic Park

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